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Digital Print: Text

What is Digital Transfer Print? 

Digital printing is used to create a wide range of detailed print solutions. This printing technique gives you an option to have a full colour and shaded print on a garment of your choice. The colour of the material does not matter with digital printing, you can also have a range of effects added to your design. This type of custom printing is great for either small or large orders and even a one-off order. For design shirts, custom work shirts, stag nights, hen nights, promotional event, brands, corporate companies or your name and number on your favourite football tee, we can do it all.
What we can print on? 
Digital transfer printing is largely versatile as you can apply your logo or design on just about anything you want. We can apply this type of transfer print onto a wide variety of items such as t shirt, shirts, hoodies, jackets, bags and much more. 
The process of digital transfer printing: -

·         We will print your chosen design onto the transfer paper roll in the highest quality ink solutions.   

·         We then cut around your chosen multi-coloured design, maybe an old photo, funky fonts or logo to exact specifications. We then peel of the excessive area around and inside your design. 

·         We use high temperature and pressure to seal the design on to the garment using an authentic heat press.  

·         Once the heat and pressure are applied to the design, we then peel of the transfer paper sheet, whilst it is quite hot.

·         Bang! The full colour design is on the garment and ready to wear.  

Turnaround time? 
Our customary turnaround time on digital printing is 3-5 business days from the day you place the order. We can accommodate shorter turnaround times if needed, but this needs to be mentioned when placing the order.  

We also offer expert embroidery, vinyl print, and screen print options. 

Digital Print: Text
Digital Print: Text
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